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A few reasons why Is Luli Fama Bikini So Sexy?

by:Progarments     2020-06-20
Lourdes and Augusto Hanimian are the designers of Luli Fama swimsuit. Based out of Miami, Florida the apparel is designed and progressed rapidly to meet a select group of retailers across the country and abroad. Its hot and sexy influence in the offers a captivating group of swimwear designed to meet the demands of the fashion elite. Lourdes aka 'Luli' was born in Cuba and raised in Miami. With your ex brother-in-law Augusto, merely born in Argentina, they design girls swimwear that is sexy and exotic with an undeniable Latin flair. This line is recognized for its fashion forward designs, use of just the finest imported fabrics and bold shades of colors. They started their Luli Fama Company in 2003. Their prints are wild and entertaining with colors that demonstrate to their love for this beaches, the wide mix of Miami's cultures and it mesmerizing natural landscaping. They mix the colors of its sunsets and sunrises to make these designs of brilliant oranges, yellows, blues and purples. Developed there idea to make the scrunch butt bottoms which can fit any shape or size. The high fashion looks of this years line offers mysteriously exciting styles and colours that have made their swimwear one of the several more appealing to celebrities and the fashion elite. Once again exposing their Latin origins they gave their 2010 line names such as Fiesta en Miami, Pasion, Rumba and Boom-Boom-Boom. The bikinis, cover-ups and monokinis had the audience exuded with energy. The cover-ups range from one-piece suits to mini-dress length shirts. This makes the transition from lying on the beach to partying around the beach very easy. Add a few accessories and your swimwear has been transformed into sexy party attire. Hand crafted jewelry on their pieces are made by artists from almost. Their prices run any place from $120 to $150. Not a bad deal considering the level of materials they use to make each garment. Pieces from their collections have been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition for four consecutive years. Gisele Bundchen wore fat loss their swimsuits in the movie 'Taxi'. She along with Bar Rafaeli, Anna Kournikova and Katherine McPhee are all big on this glamorous associated with swimwear. They were also featured in Elle, Vogue, In Style, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Glamour and Fitness just to name a few. It has also been featured in many music videos simply MTV shows. Fashion magazines in Germany and Britain have put them on their deals with. They are becoming known around globe for their daring styles. Europeans love those sexy, glamorous pieces of swimwear that they can show off on their beautiful beaches.
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