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Does Progarments provide ODM service?
Progarments China Limited offer ODM service - you provide us the sample or draft of your product design, and we help with the manufacturing. We have provided an ODM service for many years. And we have the expertise, production capability, and resources to ensure terrific manufacturing results, whether your design is simple or complex. We provide all your original design requirements are met, and the product performs exactly to your expectations. The goal of our ODM services is to bring your design to reality, and you are satisfied with it.

Progarments is currently among the top suppliers of swimwear boutique bathing suits that any customers can rely on or collaborate. Progarments's bikini series contains multiple sub-products. Digital molding technique and meta-mechanical analysis are used in the development of Progarments black one piece swimsuit by the R&D team. The team strives to create a product with high precision which suits most people's foot arch. It sells well in the markets of Australia, France, Brazil, and Japan. Its quality and performance have the highest priority over sales objective and expense issues. It offers moderate coverage, which is perfect for wearers to have a beach-bound vacation.

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