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Masters Talk About The Body Photography

by:Progarments     2020-06-23
As early as before the birth of photography, body art had undergone a couple of years old. Venus from the Stone Age to the ancient Greek sculpture to Renaissance, has given the fine tattoo designs. With the invention of photography 150 years, photography has also developed the human body, the formation of a different genre. In China, for various reasons, the body still in the initial stage of photography. Has been involved in or are preparing to utilise to impact a person's body photography friends, increasing the idea of these ideas is vital. To this end, writer interviewed photography theorist, Professor Han Zishan Central Academy of a good Arts. Q: The db-l20 battery human body photography and portrait photography, performance targets are all human, what is the connection between the two it? A: From a large portrait photography broad concept, the human body photography belongs in order to some class of portrait photography, because it people's performance. But the narrow sense, portrait photography and the persons body is different photography, portrait photography show is a person's personality and inner spirit of the performance of the persons body photography will be the human form and structure. Q: But the performance of some masterpiece portrait photography is the sweetness of form and structure, but not your body photography. South Korea: photography portrait photography as well as the human body without strict limits, but different emphasis. Portrait or in the face, body, emotional attitude, such as performance, including more knowledge. Photography will be the human body along with original structure of the human body expressing different body language, contains a more emotional, such as GP340 battery life, beauty, charm the United States, the U.S. forces. Q: Do you believe photographs of human aesthetic criteria? A: The first is the wonderful thing about light and shadow shapes. The form of the human body photography, light always be beautiful, or thoughtful. The kind of reproduction, Record for the method, not ideal human photography. In addition, should have got the social consciousness, to sublimation of human emotions, to arouse people's self-esteem. Q: Can you talk about the creation of domestic human photography what kind of situation? A: In China, human photography was a dangerous area, many years ago is still a restricted area, after the reform and opening up a new tweak. I think that is still a hardcore nut to crack in the gray area, because the human body healthy and unhealthy vague demarcation on the photo. Q: From an artistic standards, you recognize the best photographs of body that will have the necessary factors? A: Generally speaking there are three points: First, have aesthetic ideal, aesthetic, the artist's personality and ideals should be lofty; Second, our great have created the insulation material means, can see the beauty manifested; third is to have creative not permitted to repeat. Q: From the creative side, the difference between healthy and unhealthy boundaries on the human body the history photography? A: I think there are four lines: The first will be the creation of different motives. Artists making body, the model of the performance within the United States, strength and OLYMPUS sp-700 battery life, just like the strength of the U.S. male body, female body's tender, and curves. Artists face of probably the most outstanding natural creation - the human body, should possess a noble pursuit. Those sex, unhealthy picture is of the pursuit of, sensory stimulation, primitive instincts, are more mediocre, and it is ugly. The second may be the creation methods differ. In principle, the human body photography should be placed shot is to obtain permission from the main topic of a future cooperation between the parties and should not necessarily taken in people that do not know the circumstances capture, photographed. Many pornographic photos are candid. The third will be the shape different. Photography should focus on the human body to light, the beauty of modeling the performance of the human body, the image of a sense of feeling so timid. I appreciate that cover half on the more subtle Banlu body works, in contrast to some pictures of Japan according towards human body. And those who do not speak light, only the pursuit of exposure photographs, not to mention human body. The fourth is the photography is completed, the human body as a work of KODAK KLIC-5001 Battery art photography, the photographer would probably to be made public, social recognition and communication. Without health pornographic photographs can not see anyone. Q: photographic images from the specific terms of man's body, health and unhealthy photos most apparent difference is exactly how? A: The health of light and shape by associated with work, the performance of the beauty of life is the life of the hymn. The sex photos are directly exposed to the genitals, causing one of the sexy. Q: The Evolved foreign body photography how what? A: Foreign body photography over hundred years of history, along with birth of photography began. At first take the human body, people feel offensive. Because photography is different in the painting, after all, it is realistic, so the first story of our body photography of Painting from the gains. The real photo of the body is from E. Weston started. He found the body, movement, gesture own rhythm, with light, lines show the structure of the United States, life fine-looking. This true work of art body photography is by no means pornographic factors. Foreign body photography may be developed to form a lot of genre, can be said to be flourishing. Q: Foreign body photography school, what does? A: The school has realism, creative camp, camp structure, imagery, etc., there are a number of different aesthetic pursuit, such as: Heaven and Man United, structural beauty, melodic beauty, OLYMPUS fe battery philosophy beauty etcetera. Q: China does not develop the human body photography, which is the difference between Western concepts is actually great union? A: Let-downs! Different foreign concept, sex also allows artistic expression. In China, several thousand years of cultural deformity, one is imprisoned, another is resistance, and caused this tough judge. Overall, the domestic human body photography may be the initial stage, model selection, economic conditions, development has limitations. Technically, the filming technique is poor, poor light, no major environmentally friendly. Q: By way of the sessions belonging to the National Photographic Competition Works, the human body works have appeared. A: The restricted area has been broken, the door still not open. And also the the country is unsuitable for strongly advocated the development of the body photography, there has to be a process. Can start with a theme of the skin photography began, as the sessions in the National Photography Contest globe 'Sky Goddess', 'Sun and others,' and so, implicitly performed some top human body, so how the viewer, society can get used to. In addition, the swimsuit is really a human body photography, right now more of your photo, can easily see traces of people to explore. Q: The actual human body photography, human body must be utilized beautiful? A: Definitely not. U.S. does not mean beautiful, but beautiful in the beautiful, but there are different types of beauty, needless to say there are 'ugly,' said. Rodin said: 'In nature, most people called ugly, in the humanities can become extraordinary aesthetics.' Q: If for example the screen is only the local body, such as the leg or an arm, using a human body photography it? A: There are a hnn9008a battery structuralist, that is, the performance within the waist, chest, buttocks, legs and the rest. Category definition is relative, there is no need unity. In my opinion, that the whole human body or structure or even with nature and the local performance of all if this is the human core. In addition, like those deformed human body, abstract human body, multiple exposure of human, etc., are emotional symbols are a representation of the best thing about life. Q: Photography in the skin what a photographer must-have the personal qualities? A: The photographer must be more mature, understanding for this structure within the human body, the shape of the grasp should be skilled while having their own unique feelings and quest. Because photography is a serious human subject, again positive to become older. The body is not in tune inexperienced persons. More Tips: Parameters About Lens
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