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One-piece swimsuit is a kind of swimsuit which is usually worn by women. It is designed for skintight and has good shielding effect on the skin.There are also a number of suits designed for low-cut breasts and low-cut backs.


In a long time ago, swimwear was designed to cover the torso of the wearer, regardless of gender. Because the design of one-piece swimsuit is more dignified. In some cases, wearing a one-piece suit is considered mandatory or customary, such as in a school suit or competition suit.


The most common one-piece swimwear has two categories: women's bathrobe and strapless women's bathrobe.The shape is similar to a sleeveless rhythmic gymnastics uniform or a high-slit tights.In addition, there are many other styles of one-piece swimwear, such as open-back or low-cut, and v-necklines.The halter swimsuit is another sexy one-piece swimsuit, and some of these swimwear designs are very similar to the topless gini design -- comfortable, curvy and flattering. Besides, it covers your belly and provides some protection from the sun.

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