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Why is a Bikini Called a Bikini?

by:Progarments     2020-06-12
This week in Australia we are celebrating the birth of all those little, itsy, bitsy, pieces of swimsuits called a swim wear. If you have ever thought it a strange name for such a flimsy bit of wishful thinking, you may be curious about knowing where and what originated.The Australian lifestyle is definitely about the great outdoors, sun, surf, sand, swimming and anything remotely fashionable. When it came to designing clothes to suit the Australian lifestyle, designing a suitably attractive swimsuit was top of the agenda. Prior to 1952, Australia had every form of neck-to-knee cover all imagine had nothing to use sun protection. So in 1952 when a clothier by the name of Laura Stafford designed the actual bikini swimsuit for her fashion parade at the Sands Resort on Queensland's Gold Coast, it caused a massive eruption of public opinion, personal appreciation and furore such as that currently being generated from the Nuclear testing being carried out for your Pikinni Atoll in the Marshall Islands by the united states. Piki meant 'surface' and 'ini' meant coconut to the indigenous Marshall Islanders but you can view always been pronounced Bikini and is a very tiny island located in the Marshall Island group of the south pacific.In 1952, the was still carrying out their Nuclear testing and making huge waves around the world from a little very small an Island, so Laura Stafford thought it pertaining to being the most appropriate reputation for her newly designed little bit of a swimsuit. She thought the moral outcry may nearly as great as being noise from the nuclear blast and even for this day, the moral outcry is still often overheard. Today's bikini is much, much briefer than it was originally. When the bikini was first paraded onto a Gold Coast beach at Surfers Paradise in 1952, the beach inspectors removed the model there are various beach for indecent exposure to it. So she came back again the next day with another six models all wearing Bikinis and this went on for days and days with more and more models, then the women in the general public started wearing bikinis, so that were slowly, slowly authorised. I think the beach inspectors probably got tired of asking women to remove themselves off the beach for indecent exposure and being howled down by the appreciative menfolk.I think what finally gave the stamps to the Bikini was the Gold Coast City Council when they installed 'Meter Maids' all wearing scanty bikinis' and on offer town putting coins into expired parking meters. It became the 'in-thing' males to have their photo taken with a gorgeous meter maid and no woman could say she had been holidaying at the Gold Coast if she went home without investing in a bikini. So the bikini got its name from an adventurous and brave little woman fashion designer tired of wearing swimsuits designed by a man. She knew the bang it would make on society would be as large as the little Island undergoing nuclear testing in the South Pacific; but what she probably would not need known is that today it is a multi-billion dollar business.
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